Before, during and after giving birth


During the COVID 19 pandemic, my support is slightly different, tailored to each persons situation, but perhaps needed more than ever during this uncertain time. Do get in touch for more information

Doulas provide emotional, physical and educational support to mothers and partners who are expecting a baby, experiencing labour or have recently given birth. The duty of a doula is to empower mothers and the rest of the family by offering support before, during or after birth. 


Doulas are here to help women feel supported, prepared and confident to make the right choices for themselves.

Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases the overall caesarean rate by 50%, the need for pain relief drugs by 40% and the length of labour can be reduced by 25%. Women having a positive birth experience can lead to more easeful breastfeeding and postnatal health.  

I did my training and accreditation with Kicki Hansard, author of award winning book "The secrets of birth" and am registered with Doula UK.

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Support making choices during pregnancy and making preparations for birth and life with a newborn

Tailor made sessions supporting you and your birth partner to prepare practically and emotionally


Support before, during and after birth

Practical, emotional, and educational support before during and after your labour


Supporting you with your new baby

Practical help around the home, baby care, breastfeeding support,  signposting local services and more

Every woman is different and has different needs during this time of great intensity and change, I believe there is a doula out there for everyone, each ready to offer empowering support as wanted.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or meet me. It is important to meet with a couple of doulas and feel who is right for you, you can find many other qualified and registered doulas at Doula UK.