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Ceremonies to mark a woman's rite of passage

There are many different chapters of our lives as women that can be marked, honoured and celebrated; a girl entering menarche, a woman about to become a mother, a new mother wanting to care for and honer her postpartum body and journey, a woman leaving her mensural cycle. Those are to name but a few, there are many more rites of passage that we go through in our lives, some common and shared and some far more unique and personal to each of us. 

Having a ceremony or a nurturing ritual on these occasions is a chance to honour our journeys, give care and attention to the mind and body, and also holds a space to invite in our friends and family to both celebrate and support us on our paths.


These are the blessing ceremonies and rituals most asked for, however, if there is something you would like to have a ceremony to honour please do get in touch and we can see what is possible.


A Mother's Blessing is a ceremony to honour and nurture a woman before she becomes a mother, it is an opportunity to support and celebrate her journey


This is a ceremony and massage that makes space to nurture and honour a woman's body and spirit for the carrying, birthing and caring for a baby


These are tailor made ceremony's for your daughters as they enter into menarche

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