"Daniella's presence during the birth of my second child was incredibly helpful for me on so many levels. She was very intuitive and gentle, with a calm confidence that in turn helped me to feel calm and supported. She soothed and talked to me, allowing me the space to open up, but was also aware when I needed space to go inwards and naturally stepped back at those moments. She wanted to know what I needed right then and there and was confident to make sure I received it. Her small gestures helped me immensely too, from using her initiative to take pictures to changing my pads/sheets. I'm so glad she was there. It made a huge difference to me to have this extra emotional, physical and spiritual support." Tamsin F

" I feel like Daniella was gifted to me at a time that could have been quite scary and lonely; instead she has made me feel calm, anchored and embraced. In turn, I feel like I can gift these feelings to my daughter, I'm so glad. What a wonderful doula!" Cara D

"Daniella was really supportive and caring just after the birth of our second daughter. She made delicious and hearty meals for the whole family and introduced me to a great herbal tea for breast feeding. She was wonderful with our other daughter too, helping her to transition into her new role as a sister! We all really appreciated her gentle, holistic approach." Hannah C

"Daniella helped guide me through pregnancy, birth and beyond, with such warm hearted openness. She is the best doula a woman and her new baby could ever wish for. She also held a really special space for me in a mothers blessing ceremony. I would highly recommend her services. She'll make everything ok." 

"Daniella was an amazing birth partner for me and my husband. She helped us prepare before hand and we found the sessions very helpful in our birth prep. My birth progressed fast and Daniella arrived quickly and was a reassuring presence in the room the whole time. Postnatally, Daniella was a huge help allowing some alone time for me and my husband as well as helping in the early stages with some household jobs, allowing me to nap, take a bath, go for a quick walk etc. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!" Philippa H


"The blessing ceremony that Daniella held for me was a really special way to mark late pregnancy just before the transition into new motherhood. It was so affirming to receive wishes and words of support from a circle of nearest and dearest women as Daniella gently led us through the activities. We sang, laughed and cried together before feasting and making gorgeous essential oil candles and massage oils which everyone took home. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniella’s mother blessing for anyone who doesn’t want a traditional baby shower but wants to mark this unique and special time." Abi C

"I felt so lucky to have Daniella holding my blessing circle. She stepped in to this circle of women she didn’t know and held the space with warmth, openness, strength and peace. She brought calm and unity to what could have been a slightly chaotic gathering. Her explanations of the ceremony were really clear and put everyone at ease, knowing what to expect at each stage. I particularly felt like I could truly relax and enjoy the moment and be blessed by wonderful women, because I felt held by Daniella and by her holding of the circle. What a wonderful warm, shining, loving person to lead and take part in this very special day." Cara D


"Daniella’s closing the bones massage was a beautiful and life-affirming experience, making me feel nurtured and restored. I have two children and with both have had emergency cesareans. Daniella’s closing the bones ritual helped me to feel able to move on from this experience in an empowered and positive way, feeling my body healed through her caring touch and warm disposition. Daniella held the space so beautifully and sensitively especially given the intimate nature of the massage above my scars, that I usually keep hidden. I felt empowered, cherished and moved by the healing touch of another woman. Such a gorgeous self-nurture ritual to mark, celebrate and honour all that my body has created. I would recommend to any mother at any stage after giving birth."


"I feel a lot more prepared, relaxed and confident about the fast approaching birth of our baby. Deep down I’ve always had a bit of a fear about giving birth, but now, with the tools you've given us, I’m actually really looking forward to it!"

"Thank you for todays course!

It was an amazing way to bond as a couple and make a shared toolkit for the upcoming birth. a way to build love & Trust between us.

Very therapeutic and has helped me to feel excited and easy going about whats to come."

"What a great investment in my partners pregnancy - for both of us :-)"

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