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A Mother's Blessing Ceremony is an event that creates space to honour, support and celebrate a woman's journey into motherhood, with the focus on her, rather than a conventional baby shower where the focus is on the baby.

A Mother's Blessing Ceremony involves the mother to be gathering in person at home or online via zoom with close women friends and family members around. The aim is to shower her with love, support, and bless her on her journey into motherhood.


Some common activities during a Mother's Blessing Ceremony would be:


  • Speaking or offering written words of support and wishes for mother and baby

  • Singing together

  • Giving massage or pampering to the mama to be

  • A ball of cord gets passed around the circle and tied round each woman's wrists. The cord is then kept on everyones wrists so that they hold the mother to be in their minds and will only take the cord off once the baby is born

  • Everyone is given a candle to take home and light and send their well wishes during the labour

  • Each guest brings a bead to make a necklace or another object for the mother to be. This is for her to have during labour and beyond so she will remember she can always call upon her friends love and support through this treasure.

  • Everyone writes a letter of support to the mama, Once baby is born I will send one a month in the post to help mamma on her journey.

  • Everyone brings a special item to create a nurturing altar space at home for the mother to be to sit and feel held and empowered during her pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.

  • Decorating a dream catcher which will hold the groups hopes, wishes and love for mama and the unborn baby.

  • Making bath salts with oils and herbs for the mothers postpartum recovery.

  • Guests could each be asked to bring a dish for the freezer (to help during the weeks after the birth) or be invited to sign up on a rota to bring food round the week after the birth.

  • Once the ceremony is finished people would then feast together. Friends are asked to each bring a dish.

  • It also could be that you wanted to have me holding the space for the whole day and after lunch I could lead activities such as candle making, belly painting, making a patchwork quilt or other crafts together.

If you would hire me to organise and facilitate your Mothers Blessing Ceremony we would have an initial meeting to plan what you would like. We could tailor make the event to suit you and your group, you would then send me the emails of everyone you would like to invite and I would take care of the rest. I would get the group together and let everyone know what to bring. If online I would arrange things to post to your guests to make sure the event interactive. On the day I would then facilitate the women in your life to support you, hold you and celebrate you and your transition into motherhood.

Price starts from £225 please get in touch for more information.


The blessing ceremony that Daniella did for me was a really special way to mark late pregnancy just before the transition into new motherhood. It was so affirming to receive wishes and words of support from a circle of nearest and dearest women as Daniella gently led us through the activities. We sang, laughed and cried together before feasting and making gorgeous essential oil candles and massage oils which everyone took home. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniella's mother blessing for anyone who doesn’t want a traditional baby shower but wants to mark this unique and special time.

Abi C

I felt so lucky to have Daniella holding my blessing circle. She stepped in to this circle of women she didn’t know and held the space with warmth and openness. She brought calm and unity to what could have been a slightly chaotic gathering with so many women. Her explanations of the ceremony were really clear and put everyone at ease, knowing what to expect at each stage. I particularly felt like I could truly relax and enjoy the moment and be blessed by wonderful women, because I felt held by Daniella and by her holding of the circle. What a wonderful person to lead and take part in this very special day. It was such an important part of my journey in becoming a mother to have many of my women friends gather round me.

Cara D

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