Clinical research shows that hypnosis for childbirth results in reduced pain, shorter labour and less surgical intervention.

Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool for women and their birth partners. It can help you to feel more in control and empowered during labour. It is a great support whatever kind of birth you are planning to have and provides a platform to let go of any fear around birth. Through hypnosis women gain more trust in their body and experience feelings of safety and relaxation. It is this in itself that helps the body to produce all the right hormones to give birth as calmly and painlessly as possible. Though various relaxation tools and hypnosis techniques a strong mind-body connection can be made that supports the birthing process. This is important for a positive experience during birth and early motherhood.

Daniella Dean - doula and hypnobirthing teacher

During the course you will:

  • Learn how fear and anxiety can have a negative impact when giving birth and how to reduce it. Through hypnosis you will learn to work with your body - not against it.

  • Master simple relaxation and breathing techniques for birth and beyond

  • Natural ways to manage pain and discomfort during labour

  • Learn self and partner led hypnosis to feel empowered during birth and early motherhood

  • Deepen your connection with your unborn baby and partner

  • Partners gain skills to truly be able to support the labouring woman

  • Practical techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed during birth, including massage, use of a birth ball and different birth positions 

  • Information and tools for informed decision making within the medical system during labour

  • Learn how to embrace your labour, no matter how it unfolds

You will receive audio tracks, home activities, a course pack and other goodies.

Course options, information & booking

Group courses

These intensive and interactive courses run monthly. Group sizes are kept small, only 2-5 couples per course in order to share information, techniques and practical tools in a relaxed and informal way with plenty of opportunity for discussion and everyones questions. 


You will receive a handbook with information you will learn on the course, further hand-outs, three hypnosis downloads in my familiar voice to use prior and during your labour and full telephone support until the birth of your baby.

In addition to joining the course, women joining gain 3 months free access to a weekly online women's circle for other pregnant women or new mums (more info here). As I am also a doula and have clients I am supporting with their births, I am very much keeping up to date with the ever changing policies the hospitals are operating from right now as well as have plenty of experience that can help couples prepare during this time that could potentially be very stressful due to the uncertainty of C19. 


In person 

The course runs from 9.30am - 5.30pm with tea breaks and lunch break. I will be insuring that the venue has enough space for everyone to spread out and keep a safe social distance. 


The courses run online via Zoom over two half days, 10am - 3pm with an hour lunch break on Sat and Sun and a bonus hour privately with each couple at a time thats convenient. I want to offer this hour with each couple separately to go through specific needs and considerations around giving birth. This hour session is to help people plan and prepare for birth amidst the current uncertain situation but could also be focused on making a birth plan or postnatal preparation.


Group courses cost £180 per couple. Dates and booking here. 

Private courses

If you cant make any of my group courses or if you have had a previous birth experiences that you need to address before focusing on your current pregnancy, I offer private courses in your home that are bespoke to your individual needs and concerns. They are a full day at a time that is convenient to you. This tailor made course includes the option of a follow up session nearer to your due date at a discounted rate. You will receive a handbook with the information you will learn on the course, further hand-outs, three hypnosis downloads to use prior and during your labour plus a personalised hypnosis download and full telephone support until the birth of your baby.

The course price is £340, Contact me for more information. 

Contact me for a 20% discount on any hypnobirthing course if booking alongside birth or postnatal support package.

Debriefs & refresher sessions

If you would like to have a debrief or refresher session, these are charged at £45 an hour. Please be in touch to book.

At what point in pregnancy to attend a hypnobirthing course?
Women are welcome at any point in pregnancy, however the earlier you start the course, the more time you have to practice the tools learnt and listen to the hypnosis tracks. Taking the course anytime between week 24 and 32 of your pregnancy would be a good time. That said, If you are feeling very anxious, you may benefit from doing a hypnobirthing course earlier and it may be a better option for you to take part in a private one-to-one course. Also on the other-hand, I have heard of women who take part in the final weeks of pregnancy and do little practice with the tracks and tasks yet still feel the hypnobirthing course very much benefitted them. 

Birth Partners
Having someone support you during labour who understands birth physiology along with your personal care preferences is pivotal in helping to create an environment conducive to birth.  Each place on the course is for the mother and one birth partner. You are of course very welcome to come on your own, but if you are planning on having someone else present to support you during labour, it would be hugely beneficial for them to attend. On occasion, I can welcome a second partner into the sessions, but this depends on available spaces and may incur an additional charge - please do ask if you would like two partners to attend with you. 

My Training
You may have discovered through investigating hypnobirthing that there are many different companies and individuals out there each with their own way of teaching and sharing what is essentially the same core values and approach to birth even if the details differ. I  trained as an Independent practitioner and have been accredited by MamaSerene (Dani Diosi) because this training is unique in that it has enabled me to write my course content and record my own hypnosisis tracks, so that you will hear my voice on the course and continue to do so at home when listening to the recordings - this is a rare thing amongst hypnobirthing teachers.  This continuity supports the very essence of how hypnobirthing works; creating a safe, supportive and familiar environment for a women to be held by.

 Receive three free sessions in the Connected Mama Circle

when booking my birth doula package. 

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 Receive three free sessions in the Connected Mama Circle

when booking my birth doula package. 

Click here for more info

Do you want to prepare for birth through calming hypnosis, empowering information and practical tips?


Would you like support to connect with your body, unborn baby and birth partner?

Receive a free taster session in the Connected Mama Circle

when booking on any hyypnobirthing course. 

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