Supporting you with your new baby

The first weeks and months after your baby has been born are the perfect time to have some extra support.

As a Postnatal Doula I will come to your home, I can be around to support you with whatever your needs are, be it:

  • Helping to build your confidence looking after your baby

  • I can offer support with breastfeeding as well as sign posting what services and support options are available to you

  • I can also be a friendly and non judgmental person to talk to, to share your struggles as a new mum and talk about any feelings around your birth or postnatal experience

  • I can take care of your baby while you have some time for self care - have a bath, sleep, or do something that will help you to feel relaxed and nourished

  • If you would like support going out and about with your newborn I can join you while you build your confidence up

  • Help with jobs around the house like cooking for you and your family and light cleaning such as doing the washing up

  • Walking the dog, popping to the shops for you

  • Helping with other toddlers, or holding the newborn so you can have some quality time with your other child/children

  • I can do batch cooking for your freezer to help in the future

1 hour - £50


10 hours - £350 (£35 per hour)

For hour bundles sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours and need to be used within 6 weeks of purchasing or of your babies birthday.