Supporting you with your new baby

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In the UK we have long lost any traditions or much understanding of a woman's postpartum needs. Going through pregnancy, birth and then finding ones self caring for a newborn baby, with a body and hormones that seem unrecognisable to ones pre-pregnancy state can be incredibly exhausting, stressful and overwhelming.

During this time women are at there most vulnerable and their need for support is high, yet most likely partners, friends and family are busy working or live too far away to help. Woman can become isolated, exhausted and challenged by the task of having a newborn to look after on their own as well as trying to continue feeling like the person they were before their baby was born. Its no wonder that in the UK postnatal depression and "the baby blues" are such a common experience for many women.


In other cultures around the world women are treated with such care and support around this postpartum period - other women in the family or village step in to cook, clean, take care of the other children, help show the new mothers how to look after the baby, the new mothers are offered ritual bathing, womb steaming, hair washing, massages, given abdominal binding and other types of care.


The first weeks and months after your baby has been born are the perfect time to have some extra support.

As a Postnatal Doula I will come to your home, I can be around to support you with whatever your needs are, be it:

  • Helping to build your confidence looking after your baby

  • Some jobs around the house like cooking for you and your family and light cleaning such as doing the washing up

  • Walking the dog, popping to the shops for you

  • Helping with other toddlers, or holding the newborn so you can have some quality time with your other child/children

  • I can offer support with breastfeeding as well as sign posting what services and support options are available to you

  • I can also just be a friendly and non judgmental person to talk to, to share your struggles as a new mum and talk about any feelings around your birth experience

  • I can take care of your baby while you have some time for self care - have a bath, sleep, or do something that will help you to feel relaxed and nourished

  • If you would like support going out and about with your newborn I can join you while you build your confidence up

  • I can do batch cooking for your freezer to help in the future

My postnatal care package:

15 hours - £525 

Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 4 hours and need to be used within 6 weeks of purchasing or of your babies birthday.

For one off hour sessions I charge £50.