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Policies, Terms & Conditions



The information, techniques and exercises provided within the course programme or downloads through this workshop are for educational purposes only.  Do not use the downloads or practice the techniques or exercises learnt on the course or contained within the downloads whilst driving or operating machinery. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous or psychiatric condition without guidance from your GP. The information provided is not a substitute for proper medical advice. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or licensed medical practitioner.

Daniella Dean does not accept any liability in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or property on any of our courses.


Cancelation Policy


If you book on a course and subsequently wish to cancel, refunds will only be given on the following basis and the following charges will be applicable.

  • An administration charge of £15 for one day group courses and £30 for private one day courses will automatically be charged.

  • Once this amount has been deducted a percentage refund will be calculated based on the number of days’ notice of cancellation received (prior to the start of the workshop).  This notice must be in writing or by e-mail.


No. of days notice given and percentage of refund:

42 + Calendar days -  75%

32 – 41 Calendar days - 50%

22-31 Calendar days - 25%

21 Calendar days or ‘no show ‘ - 0%


If the cancelled place is filled a full refund minus admin costs will be offered. Places are not transferable unless by prior agreement as a waiting list may be in operation.​ Refunds can not be given under any other circumstances.

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a course an alternative arrangement will be made. In that case if a course participant wishes to transfer to an alternative course a charge of £15 will be made. If an alternative date cannot be found then the cancellation policy will apply.

If a face to face course is cancelled due to things beyond our control such as Covid-19 loclockdown, adverse weather conditions or other unknowns, the course will go ahead online via Zoom either on the same date as planned or an alternative date. 

If you need to self isolate due to Covid-19, I can stream the face to face course to you via zoom. 

Covid Safety measures during face to face courses

I will be taking a lateral flow test on the morning before we meet to ensure I am not carrying covid, I ask you all to do the same please. If you feel unwell please do not join. Let me know and I will zoom you into our group. 


Hand sanitizer will be available and windows open. I of course want people to feel safe and comfortable, so in terms of masks, please arrive in a mask and wear them whilst walking around the space. Once you are sat down it's then up to you if you would like to keep them on or have them off. We will also wear them for some of the activities where we move around a bit more.

Privacy policy 

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and replaces the previous Data Protection. It came into effect on 25th May 2018.

GDPR states that personal data should be ‘processed fairly & lawfully’ and ‘collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes’ and that individuals data is not processed without their knowledge and are only processed with their ‘explicit’ consent. GDPR covers personal data relating to individuals. Daniella Dean is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals with respect to the processing of clients’ personal data.

The Data Protection Act gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. It provides a framework to ensure that personal information is handled properly.

GDPR includes 7 rights for individuals 

1) The right to be informed

Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthingis a business owned and managed by Daniella Dean I provide hypnobirthing group courses, Doula services for pregnancy and birth, Blessing ceremonies and Post natal treatments.

The basis on which I keep client data is that of “Legitimate Interests”. This means that the data is necessary for me to fulfil the contract that we have together (i.e. to provide therapy and support) and that it is data that you would reasonably expect me to hold and use.

For those who enquire about my services, the data I hold includes any information you have sent me by email/text/message.

For those who book and attend at least one session, the data I hold includes:

  • Basic information such as name, email address, phone number

  • Information that you give me as part of the work we do together

  • Records of what learning we have covered in our sessions

  • Emails, texts and/or messages that are sent between us

Some of the information that you give me may fall under the definition of special category of data as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation. The condition for processing this special data is (précised from the Act) “processing is necessary for medical diagnosis, the provision of health care or treatment pursuant to contract with a health professional”.

Data is not shared with anyone, and is used to enable me to provide therapy for you. It may also be used for statistical purposes within my business.

Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing may use an accountant, who will have access only to names attached for payments and the purposes of payments.

Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing may use Cookies on its website to collect data for Google Analytics, this data is anonymous. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your device’s hard-drive. They are used to distinguish individual users, and help us improve our website. Analytics and search engines providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation of our site may collect data about your IP and computer set up.

2) The right of access

Daniella Dean of 109 Rosegreen Road, Bristol, BS5 7UT is the named data controller for Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing

At any point an individual can make a request relating to their data and Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing will need to provide a response (within 1 month).

3) The right to erasure

You have the right to request the deletion of your data where there is no compelling reason for its continued use. However Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing has a legal duty to keep individual details for a reasonable time*, Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing obtain these records for 7 years after using Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing services. This data is archived electronically and in paper form securely onsite and shredded after the legal retention period.

4) The right to restrict processing

Clients can object to Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing processing their data. This means that records can be stored but must not be used in any way, for statistical reports or for research.

5) The right to object

Individuals can object to their data being used for certain activities like marketing or research. Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing will only use your details with your permission as part of a secure mailing list to email you details of future Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing courses that may be of interest to you prior to your due date or in your post-natal period. These details will never be used for any other form of marketing nor be given to another organisation for marketing their own products and services.

6) The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

Automated decisions and profiling are used for marketing based organisations. Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthingdoes not use personal data for such purposes.

7) Storage and use of personal information

All paper copies of individual training records are kept in a locked filing cabinet in Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing offices (accessed only by Daniella Dean).  All information is confidential and these records remain on site at all times, including for archiving. These records are shredded after the retention period.

Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing collects personal data every year including; names, telephone numbers and email addresses of those on the waiting list for a course or who have asked to be informed of future courses via a mailing list.

Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing stores personal data held visually in birth stories, photographs or video clips or as sound recordings, only where full written consent has been obtained. No full names are stored with images in photo albums, displays, on the website or on Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing social media sites.

Data of names, email addresses, telephone numbers is also held electronically on a computer hard drive and on a cloud storage system. Access to all office computers, cloud accounts and to websites is password protected.

GDPR means that Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing must;

* Manage and process personal data properly

* Protect the individual’s rights to privacy

* Provide an individual with access to all personal information held on them

If there is any breach of data security, Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing will give full details to the Information Commissioners Office and any person affected within 72 hours of the breach and do all possible to minimise any potential impact.

This Policy was adapted at Daniella Dean Doula & Hypnobirthing on 23rd  May 2018

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