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Let's support and celebrate daughters as they start to bloom into young women.

These are tailor made ceremony's for your daughter, her girlfriends and female family members to celebrate her coming of age.

The event can be as simpler or elaborate as you and your daughter would like it to be.

Activities could include some of the below:

  • pampering - face masks, massage, nail painting

  • some education of what is happening now in her body and how mensuration works

  • tips for self care 

  • friends and family decorate a special dreamcatcher for her to keep 

  • friends and family each write a lovely message on a special card for when she needs reassurance. 

  • making floral, and essential oil bath salts together

  • making candles or lip balms together with essential oils, beeswax and other natural ingredients

  • their could be come party games, dancing, and or a feast of all foods red!

If you would like me to host this event for you, I am open for other ideas too that your daughter may have and am happy to plan it with you both. On the day I then would come early to get the space ready and welcoming. I would then facilitate and hold a space for around 2-3 hours that helps your daughter and her friends see mensuration and womanhood as a reason to celebrate and be empowered. 

The cost is £150-200 depending on what activities are done and quantities needed.  

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