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For thousands of years, women in parts of Africa, Asia and Central America have passed down from woman to woman the knowledge of womb steaming to heal and connect with their bodies.


After giving birth a woman's body is tasked with a lot to do for its own recovery - closing the vaginal canal and cervix; her uterus is to clear out all of the leftover lochia (pregnancy matter) and reduce down to its normal size; her abdominal organs return into place allowing her elimination functions (urine and bowel movements) to normalize; delivery tears and stitches (if any) have to heal; the abdominal skin is to retract and the leftover pregnancy weight is supposed to shed. Common complications include postpartum contractions, painful stitches or an infection. Womb steaming is a gentle, enjoyable treatment and ritual to help women heal as quickly as possible after birth. 


A herbal blend is brewed and placed in pot under a steam chair. Then towels or blankets are wrapped around the woman as she sits on the chair to keep the steam in. As the woman sits the herbal steam enters through her vagina, relaxes the cervix and penetrates up to the womb.  

Benefits of womb steaming after birth:

  • Faster healing of the reproductive system after birth

  • Boost the repair of an episiotomy, C-section scar, or vaginal tear

  • Tone and tighten a woman's lady parts to their original tight state

  • Significantly reduce the feeling of air bubbles and looseness

  • Assist with the healing of haemorrhoids

  • Relieve chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odour

  • Aids recovery of prolapsed organs

Womb steaming works best when done multiple times from week 1 to 6 after your baby has been born. 


If you would like me to come to your home and offer you this treatment. I will arrive with everything needed. I will prepare the steam for you and then guide you into a relaxing meditation. Your baby can be with you in your arms, with myself or a family member during the session.

These sessions are part of my offerings as a postnatal doulaSessions last approx 45 mins and require a warm, quiet and private space in your home. 

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