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Supporting women on their journey into and through motherhood 



Hello, my name is Daniella, I am a mother of two, a Doula and a Hypnobirthing teacher in Bristol and absolutely love my job. I work closely with women and their families at such poignant and powerful moments in their lives .

I have been working in this way since 2017. And before that, my background is a decade of working in early years education. Although I am very passionate about education and empowering children, I have a greater calling to work with women and offer out a hand of support as they walk the path of motherhood. Through working as a doula and hypnobirthing teacher I am blown away by the courage, strength, resilience and also vulnerability that mothers (and fathers!) experience and I feel moved to celebrate that as well as stand up to normalise and offer support during the tricky moments.


Getting down to the raw and real moments in life with people is immensely inspiring and humbling. It is an absolute honour to work with people and families in this way.


I have had lots of experience supporting many people going through a variety of different situations such as: twin birth, solo parents, supporting survivors of abuse, baby loss, inductions, VBAC, homebirth, freebirth, hospital birth, high risk consultant lead pregnancy and many other intricacies that make pregnancy and birth so unique for everyone. I have also supported many families postnatally where I have seen and supported a variety of different experiences, needs and approaches. I like to work with people and respond to their needs moment by moment, but ultimately, my passion is to hold space for peoples journeys so they feel met, held and supported. I share information, tips and tools with the aim to offer reassurance so people grow in their own confidence and empowerment. 

When I am not busy supporting women, their partners or children, I love to spend time with my family, good friends, walking in wild places with our scruffy dog, cooking, singing or pottering around with crafty projects. It's also really important to me, (even if I only get 2 minutes spare due to family life) to spend time each day sitting with myself and connecting with the magic that we are all part of.     




Ceremonies to mark a woman's right of passage


Practical, emotional and educational support before, during and after your birth


Courses empowering you and building your confidence to give birth


Monthly calls on zoom to connect with other women during pregnancy, birth and beyond

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